Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Long Weekend, Got to Meet Another Reprap

While I've been waiting for the part John ordered for my extruder, he's been busy inviting other builders to my bench and building new Repraps! Right in front of me.

Nick Lucking drove down from LA on Saturday to collect on his $250 pledge reward from John had everything set aside and ready that was needed to build a new Prusa-Mendel from scratch.

They spent about 7 hours working on it and by the end they had a 80% done bot. The frame was all there, motor mounted, belts tight, bushings moving smoothly. All that was left was for Nick to install his RAMPS electronics and he could start the calibration process.

After Nick left John took a look at my overall build and I think he's planning on taking me apart and starting from the frame again. I do admit, some, problems with alignment on the Z axis. I hope he can smooth it all out.

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