Thursday, May 19, 2011

Feeling better, in bed.

John spent a couple hours tinkering with my print bed. The moron drilled out one of the holes to large while trying to counter-sink the bolts. The bolt slips off too easily, actually, completely through.

He laid it face down on his new work bench and placed some scrap paper under. Then placed a couple drops of Gorilla Glue in, placed the bolt head in and dribbled a drop of water on it (makes it cure faster, stronger.)

The next day, the glue was all dry and he fumbled around trying to scrape the excess glue and paper from it. I'm surprised he didn't cut off a finger or three.

The bed came out very nice and still level. Now he wants to get some wing nuts to use instead of hex to make adjustments easier.

He told me the parts for my extruder are on order from It will be nice to be back up and running again. As much as I loath him, I enjoy printing more.

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